Fly Fishing Flies – FISH-SKULL Assortment (12 flies)

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The Fish-Skull fly collection offers fly fishermen an exciting alternative to traditional
streamer flies tied with dumbbells or cones. Fish-Skull Heads (Baitfish and Sculpin
Helmet) were designed to imitate various aquatic food sources flawlessly, enticing even the
most selective fish. Perfectly weighted according to size, these highly versatile fly patterns
have no problem reaching required depths. Innovative design and incredibly realistic
materials have resulted in a compelling new series of modern flies.

Fish-Skull flies were designed and tested to be irresistible to a broad range of fresh and
saltwater species.

The FISH-SKULL Assortment includes the following 12 Next-Generation Trout Flies:

(1) Fish-Skull Forage Fly-Tan, #1/0
(1) Fish-Skull Crafty Deceiver-White Tan, #2
(1) Fish-Skull Crafty Deceiver-White/Chart, #2
(1) Fish-Skull Super Bugger-Black, #8
(1) Fish-Skull Super Bugger-Olive, #4
(1) Fish-Skull Super Bugger-Brown, #8
(1) Fish-Skull Skulpin Bugger-Olive, #6
(1) Fish-Skull Skulpin Bunny-Olive Yellow, #4
(1) Fish-Skull Skulpin Bunny-Sand, #4
(1) Fish-Skull River Creature-Brown, #6
(1) Fish-Skull River Creature-Black, #6
(1) Fish-Skull Forage Fly-Black, #1/0


  • 12 Next-Generation Streamer Flies, 12 Guide-proven Patterns
  • Fish-Skull Baitfish Head/Sculpin Helmet
  • Chemically Sharpened, High Carbon Steel Hooks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ...Limited Availability at this Price!


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